You May Not Kiss The Bride


Bryan Lighthouse photographed pets until a client’s dog maimed a cat. The cat was owned by the wife of Croatian crime lord, Vlatko Nikitin, and rather than killing Bryan, Nikitin offers an alternative: marry his daughter Masha so she can get her green card. Bryan’s crazy mother is thrilled her son is “marrying into money,” but complicating matters is his sexy assistant Tonya, who wants Bryan for herself. Bryan marries Masha, and they go to Tahiti for a romantic honeymoon. But, Nikitin makes it clear that Bryan is not to even touch Masha.
The newlyweds arrive in paradise where they begin to fall for each other – that is, until wannabe girlfriend Tonya shows up. Matters grow worse when Masha gets kidnapped. With Nikitin thinking Bryan is behind the plot to get the hefty ransom, the pet photographer is as good as dead.
With the help of Ernesto, a daredevil helicopter pilot, and Ernesto’s cousin Lani, Bryan is forced into action to save his new bride before Nikitin has him killed.

Rating: PG-13
Production Company:  Freestyle Digital Media
Release Date:  09/21/12
Duration:  1hr40min
Directory:  Rob Hedden
Producer:  Rann Watumull, Gina Watumull, David A. Jackson, & Shauna Shapiro Jackson
Screen Writer:  Rob Hedden