The Road Nobody Leaves


Three teenagers go missing in an abandoned road after a joyride gone wrong in a haunted road. Luis Medina is the police investigator assigned to the case. In the course of his investigation, Luis finds the remains of another victim in the same abandoned road. The corpse is identified to be that of one of two sisters who both disappeared ten years before. Luis must dig deeper into the secrets and mysteries of the ghosts lingering in the dark of the desolate pathway in order for him to find the three missing teens. As the mystery unravels, Luis discovers a history of brutality and murders that will cast shake him to the core.

Rating: R
Production Company:  Freestyle Digital Media
Release Date:  5/11/2012
Duration:  1hr 55min
Directory:  Yam Laranas
Producer:  Joey Abacan, Nora Javellana, Annette Gozon-Abrogar
Screen Writer:  Yam Laranas, Aloy Adlawan