1,000 Times Good Night


Rebecca is one of the world’s top war photographers. She must weather a major emotional storm when her husband refuses to put up with her dangerous life any longer. He and their young daughters need Rebecca, who, however, loves both her family and her work…

Rating: NR
Production Company:  Paradox Spillefilm, Paradox, Newgrange Pictures
Release Date:  October 24, 2014
Duration:  1HR 57MIN
Directory:  Warren P. Sonoda
Producer:  Ahmed Abounouom, Geir Henning Eikeland, Peter Garde, Finn Gjerdrum, Stig Hjerkinn Haug, Stein B. Kvae, Jackie Larkin, Lesley McKimm, Kaare Storemyr
Screen Writer:  Erik Poppe, Harald Rosenløw-Eeg