St Trinian’s 2: The Legend Of Fritton’s Gold


After wealthy philanthropist Piers Pomfrey has expressed an unusual interest in a ring found by her niece Annabelle Miss Fritton explains that she is descended from a pirate who,in 1598,stole treasure from another pirate,Pomfrey’s ancestor. The location of the treasure is to be found when the ring and its double are put together. Felonious ex-pupil Kelly and Miss Fritton’s former lover Geoffrey are brought in to help the school steal the second ring from the evil Pomfrey’s misogynistic secret society,leading to a showdown at the Globe Theatre and an amazing revelation as to the identity of pirate captain Fritton, as well as that of William Shakespeare.

Rating: NR
Production Company:  Aegis Film Fund, Ealing Studios
Release Date:  12/18/2009
Duration:  1hr46min
Directory:  Oliver Parker, Barnaby Thompson
Producer:  Paul Brett, Rupert Everett, Nigel Green
Screen Writer:  Piers Ashworth (screenplay), Nick Moorcroft (screenplay)