Dust Of War


An alien invasion left the Earth scoured. The American Frontier became one of the last vestiges for a scavenging humanity. And hope rested on the shoulders of a child who harbors a secret so powerful even she cannot know its truth. A resistance – The Free Legion – vowed to protect, convinced she would bring peace.

But the child, now a young woman named Ellie (JORDAN MCFADDEN), has fallen into the hands of General Chizum (BATES WILDER), a brutal warmonger bent on unveiling her secret. With humanity in the balance, the Free Legion has dispatched two of their bravest to bring her back: Abel (STEVEN LUKE), the soldier of few words, and Tom Dixie (GARY GRAHAM), the cynical war vet.

Rating: NR
Production Company:  Freestyle Digital Media
Release Date:  6/18/2013
Duration:  1hr32min
Directory:  Andrew Kightlinger
Producer:  Luke Schuetzle, Adam Emerson
Screen Writer:  Andrew Kightlinger