The Girl in the Book


The Girl in the Book charts the journey of young woman’s transformation. At the outset, Alice Harvey is a lost and self-destructive 29 year old girl unable to write, too damaged for love. When her past invades her present and forces her to confront painful memories, she shatters. Helped by her friend and a new love interest, she slowly rediscovers her creative voice and becomes capable of love.

Rating: NR
Production Company:  Varient Productions
Release Date:  December 11, 2015
Duration:  1HR 26MIN
Directory:  Jean-Claude La Marre
Producer:  Daniel J Cunningham, Courtney Daniels, Bruce Hall, Kyle Heller, Spencer Medof, Shoshana Perry, Nick Quested, Gina Resnick, Amanda Rohlke, Jaime Wolf
Screen Writer:  Marya Cohn